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Welcome To The Youth ICT Council

At Youth ICT Council, we’re ready for something better. The Youth ICT Council is the first of its kind in South Africa. It has been established for assisting in the transformation of the ICT sector to directly reflect the demographics of the country, which is largely youth. As the global economy adopts digital and ICT’s, we want to position South Africa as a global player through the full participation of young ICT-focused entrepreneurs, professionals, and academia.  Our Council is made up of talented young people in the digital space and civil society. As the Youth ICT Council we aim to be the voice of young people  involved in the ICT sector by providing various platforms, and assisting the South African government in drafting ICT policies and strategies that are inclusive of the youth.

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About Us

As the Youth ICT Council, we are a youth owned and governed non-profit company (NPC) consisting of active (direct and indirect) industry participants in the ICT sector, geared at representing the interests of the South African youth in ICT policy directive and economic activities at large. As the Youth ICT council, we seek to be the voice of those who will inevitably inherit the South African economy and we are committed to ensure that they inherit an economy that’s an asset and not a liability.



Our vision is to contribute to the growth of the South African Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through innovation and novelty.

Key Activities

Driven by making an impact and inspiring change, our organization is always expanding our understanding of contemporary issues and developing research material for positive solutions. Learn more about our focus areas and key activities below.

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Ensuring that policy leads innovation

The Youth ICT Council will be responsible for conducting research and reporting to policy makers on topics such as the latest technology development and trends, potential industry disruption and economic threats to South Africa.

Enhancement of the participation of
youth in policy directive and economic activities

The Youth ICT Council will be responsible for co-ordinating ICT stakeholders in the efforts of youth inclusion in the sector, gathering youth sentiments and hosting ICT Indabas/Mbizo.

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Future proofing the South African
Economy & Social Development

The Youth ICT Council will be responsible for the research and reporting of on high-growth investment opportunities, effective
enterprise development strategies, high value IP and high impact social development strategies.

Supporting Youth Empowerment

The Youth ICT Council will be responsible for co-managing youth owned SMME funding, cohosting youth ICT summits and technology exhibitions and co-coordinating youth skills development programs.

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90 Rivonia Road, Sandton 2196, Johannesburg, South Africa

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